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TX Watches Of Interest For 2009 At JCK Las VegasYou've probably seen an ad or two for TX replica watches.  Or you may not know anything about the American brand. Their collection offers interesting and appealing timepieces each with exclusive quartz movements that you won't find elsewhere. I don't like each fake watch in their 2009 lineup, but some of the pieces are done quite well. Here are a few of my favorite replica watches that I got to check out at the TX TechnoLuxury fake watch booth in Las Vegas earlier this month at the JCK show.This first fake watch proves that white replica watches are cool. It is one of the 800 Series TX Linear Chronograph replica watches - so named for the vertical chronograph minutes indicator. There is also a retrograde dial that serves as a second timezone and the overall design of the dial is unique and edgy. The white tones persist through the fake watch (obviously), but don't define it 100%. You still get some sporty orange and rose gold tones on the dial and hands. It is really nicely done. I like the white on white rotating bezel with high relief numerals. The fake watch is admirably sized at probably 45mm wide or so and was very comfy on my wrist. You might find the dial a bit intimidating at first but it is quite easy to live with after you get the hang of the look. A really nice white colored fake watch that I would easily sport often. This fake watch was really new so I could not find the exact model number, but it should be prices somewhere between about $600 - $700.Then you have another great looking new TX watch. This is part of the 500 Series World Time models and is a bit more polished in terms of style than the outgoing models. Again, this is a new model so I don't have the exact model number. The world map in the background gets a new retro look which looks really nice with the blue against white. I believe the fake watch has a perpetual calendar, and the displays include the hemispherical season of the second timezone (winter or summer) and the date. The major focus of the fake watch is the world time complication. You can see the red "T" hand around the dial where you can select a timezone via a reference city. This changes the time in the retrograde 24 hour dial located near 10 o'clock. The main time is show on the dial of the watch. Overall you have a really convenient world time fake watch that looks unique and is fun to use. The crystal of the fake watch is actually sapphire bonded over mineral crystal. A bit less expensive to make than all sapphire crystal but has most of the benefit of a sapphire crystal. The crystal is also retro inspired rising off the case with rounded edges. Best part of this new 500 Series World Time fake watch is the new bracelet. The outgoing metal bracelets where pretty ugly. This has an almost jubilee style bracelet that is handsome replica expensive rolex watches . I liked this fake watch a lot and think it will be a good seller - also a good gift watch. Price will likely be around $500 for this watch.Sorry about the slightly blurry image, this fake watch was a pain to get a pic of, and I couldn't tell I didn't get a good pic until it was too late. Still, you can tell that this is a really cool "phantom" style all black watch.  This is the TX Pilot ref. T3C423 fake watch from TX's 600 Series replica watches. The fake watch has a quartz flyback chronograph  as well as a second time zone. You also get the case and a rotating slide-rule bezel. The fake watch is probably about 45mm wide and is really cool looking. You can tell that the dial is deep and easy to read despite the black tones. People will want to know what that big black fake watch on your wrist is. All the detail on the dial make it quite intriguing. Still, the functionality is simple and you get used to the look of the dial with ease. It is matched with a black leather strap and retails for $575. For some people this is the best TX fake watch in their lineup.Remember the World Time fake watch I discussed above? This is one of the World Time Sport models in TX's 550 Series of replica watches. This fake watch is model number T3C414. The fake watch shares the same functions as the World Time watch, but also has a rotating diver style bezel - here in a rose gold tone. The case is steel and also 45mm wide. I like the texturing on the dial and the applied pieces that really give it a nice complex look. This is worlds above a simple "painted dial." I rarely like dials that have no depth to them. custom rolex The fake watch is very sporty and fun to look at and wear. The build quality is good too, which is something I can say across the board for all TX replica watches. They did a good job on the quality side. The strap is leather and nicely fitted to the case. Price for this fake watch is $545.This was another handsome and classic style fake watch with some cool functions thanks to a unique TX quartz movement. This is part of TX's 400 series and is the Perpetual Weekly Calendar ref. T3C301. This has the same bracelet as the World Time fake watch above that I said was well done. Here you can just get a better look at it. So this fake watch does something pretty cool. The little orange hand does two things. It points to the day of the week and the date - at the same time. It is able to do this because the lower date disc actually follows the hand as it moves across the retrograde day of the week indicator. If you push the pusher at 2 o'clock the orange hand moves around the dial to point to the correct month. If you look closely you can see the months spelled out around the dial. The sloped chapter right has class looking hour markers which are covered in SuperLumiNova. The dial is textured nicely for a classic look. You can see that the hands are in a rose gold tone as well as the bezel and crown. The rest of the fake watch is in polished or brushed steel. Being 44mm wide this is a not to small conservative fake watch with cool tech that will appeal to many people I think. A great give for a more mature guy who isn't into "wild" replica watches and does not want to spend too much . This TX Perpetual Weekly Calendar fake watch retails at $575. This was really a particularly nice watch.Here is the last fake watch I wanted to mention that I saw while with TX and it is a women's model. You have the TX World Time model again, but in a different case that is tapered to be wider at the base than at the dial. It think it is based on the popular Louis Vuitton Tambour fake watch case. A well make thick white leather strap goes with the white dial that has a world map with each continent in a nice girly pastel color. I think this is a good fake watch for the woman that likes a nice style and some function to match. For me, it feels like a good gift to get a lady because I can feel confident that the fake watch is "cool" and that she will appreciate the feminine character of the style. It is not a little fake watch either at about 45mm wide. Also a new model so I am not sure of the reference number but the price should be about $395.Overall I feel confident that TX replica watches are offering up a nice line of timepieces. Not only do that have special quartz movements exclusive to them , but they have unique looks that really no one else out there right now has. TX is part of big Timex, but really other than that they don't share too much in common. TX likes to think of themselves as a reasonably prices luxury fake watch makers with quartz movements, and I think they are correct. Again, not all of their models have my seal of approvals, but models like the ones above are certainly worth a look if you find the designs to your liking.Learn more about TX replica watches at their website here. replica italian watches
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